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SaaS Web Application Development

Web based software Applications / SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions have reached a point where they can accomplish just about anything. Many businesses have realized they can leverage this ability to provide productivity and business tools to their workforce. While off the shelf software solutions exist, having critical software tailored to your exact workflow and organization can not only save time but moreover simplify your operations, provide unparalleled flexibility for your workforce and ultimately save costs allowing them to focus on generating revenue without a dedicated IT team, managing software, hardware or setup.

We streamline your business by reducing administration tasks with automated procedures

Sierra IT Group is a company specialized in web application & SaaS development. We help businesses and organizations of any kind to successfully develop and launch web-based software applications. From Custom Portals, ERP / CRM, Office & Industry management solutions onto Booking or Reservation System development.

Our SaaS Web App Solutions

We become your true partner and offer end to end services to plan, implement and operate your business for success

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SaaS Web Application Development

We develop highly Scalable SaaS solutions that offer cost reduction while allowing Businesses to focus on customers rather than IT.

SaaS Web Application Hosting & Migration

We have the required expertise and infrastructure to help you build, deploy or migrate a completely customized SaaS solution.

SaaS Web Application System Security

With security in mind we perform scheduled scans to ensure services are kept up to date and any new security vulnerabilities resolved.

SaaS Web Application Upgrade

Our team of expert developers can upgrade your existing solution, making it running smoother and with better features.

SaaS Web Application Maintenance

We can assist you with managing, maintaining, updating or resolving issues of the existing SaaS solution to ensure seamless operations.

SaaS Web Application API Integration

By providing full customization and API development we can easily integrate live ERPs or alternative systems to generate high ROI.

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Web Booking System Development in Bangkok, Thailand

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Reservation System Web Development

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A web application runs in a web browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox etc. and does not need to be physically installed on a computer. The application is hosted and run from a dedicated web server,t he only requirement is a computer or mobile device with Internet access. A web application typically interacts with users and businesses, requesting and responding to their particular needs and requirements. Typical examples of web applications portals, industry and business solutions, CRM and ERP system, office / administrative automations, booking and reservation systems etc.
Yes absolutely. We can further customize, modify, enrich and optimize your existing SaaS web application. At Sierra IT Group we are expert Web Developers and Programmers and provide solutions for most common programming languages, excelling specifically in PHP frameworks such as CakePHP and Laravel and more advanced programming solutions such as Angular and VueJS development, Ionic Framework and Python. Contact us directly for more details.
Absolutely secure. Sierra IT Group takes security very serious and we provide great security features not only on server level but also on the web application itself such as the ability to set security and clearance level permissions to manage which users are able to see specific data, forms and workflow steps.
We understand the importance of sensitive information shared by you. At Sierra IT Group Co., Ltd. we are Business Professionals that work absolutely discreet and with full transparency, we are therefore available to sign a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) before you begin sharing any information with us.
Once the development of the entire project has been confirmed, completed and all outstanding funds cleared we will transfer the rights to the source code and all related files to you. You own the complete rights of the developed solution.

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