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With the consumerization of IT becoming a global phenomenon, an integrated consumer focused strategy is indispensible to effectively monetize demand, create brand awareness and drive multi-channel business model. At the same time organizations need to be agile and flexible to be able to go to the market quickly, drive efficiency and respond immediately to new opportunities and changing customer demands. Our mission is to provide affordable and robust data-driven decision making solutions and services to the market.

At Sierra IT Group we don’t just build brilliant systems, but we also offer Digital Transformation solutions that simplify the way organizations of any size interact with technology through the convergence of digital cross channels and making use of the cloud, mobility, insightful data backed by scalable underlying IT platforms and helping you drive your innovations to the market faster.

Digital Transformation Consulting

Office Digital Transformation

Bleeding-edge technology for businesses and individuals of any type

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Client Management

Tired of keeping track of business cards? Create view & manage your client contacts with ease

Multi Currency CRM

Dealing with an international clientele? Quote and invoice them directly in their currency

Multi Language CRM

Allow employees or clients from different countries can use PRObiz it in their own language

PDF Quote & Invoice

Create & send beautiful PDF invoices or quotes including your logo with only a click of the mouse

Task Management

Creating and assign tasks for colleagues. It's just as quick & easy as creating them for yourself

Access Control

Set up unlimited users and control what they can access: With PRObiz everything is possible

PRObiz is THE essential CRM System for any modern Business in Thailand

PRObiz isn't the average CRM / ERP solution: It's a tool for the mind and a tool for your business. It delivers the tools, functionalities & the support any modern business needs to stay organized. Unlike most CRM solutions in Thailand, it comes with no limits on the number of customers, staff or the amount of data being used.

  • PRObiz is sutiable for any type of business, even yours

  • Brands & Wholesalers
  • Business & Service Companies
  • Design & Construction
  • Web & App Companies
  • Manufacturers
  • Hotels & Hospitality
  • Shipping & Logistics
  • Retailers
  • .. and more!

Bangkok Thailand Digital Transformation

Thailand's best Office CRM Solutions

More features that can help your business grow

Built-in Ticketing

Customers come first: PRObiz helps you deal with customer issues with a built-in ticketing system

Client CRM Portal

Grant your Clients real-time access to all of their related data with PRObiz's built-in client portal

Daily CRM Backups

Security: Your data is safely secured several times per day to ensure you complete peace of mind

Fast & Flexible

Designed for speed and efficiency, PRObiz offers your business a solid and robust foundation

Import / Export Data

Migrating from another solution? PRObiz offers an easy way to import and export of all of your data

CRM Customization

Tired of out-of-the-box solutions? PRObiz can be further customized to your specific need

Thailand Digital Transformation Solutions

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Getting your company into PRObiz from any source is simple—just put your contacts into a CSV file, select the appropriate fields, and import away! We have a helpful documentation that walks through the process, or you can reach out to our dedicated support team for assistance.
PRObiz is awesome out-of-the-box. Being cloud-based tool there’s no need to get the techies involved. And that means you can use it from anywhere, too.
You bet it does. Our CRM works seamlessly wheter you have an iPhone or Android phone or if you use a tablet (like an iPad or Surface). PRObiz is responsively designed to work smoothly from your browser.

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