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Do not worry, you’ve come to the right place! Sometimes the fastest way to get a personal or a business website online is to start out with a commercially available website template and customize it with your business’s information and graphics

The reasons to use such templates can be many: Perhaps you have found a template that has exactly the look you want for your website, or you have had a limited budget on that time. Whatever the case may be, there is no doubt that over time, as you and your business grow you will need to make some changes to the template so that it fits your requirements and presents the right image for your business, and that’s what we’re here for! Try our website template customization services: Whether you need to add new content or apply changes in your navigation, layout, color scheme, add images - or the development of brand new functionalities - we can handle every single aspect for you. We will take the template you have chosen and rework it so that your website looks first rate, even on a tight budget, in a time frame that will pleasantly surprise you.

We are knowledgeable throughout every platform. Whether your website has been developed using a popular CMS framework such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento or Opencart – or is a completely custom hand-coded website or system - our expertise will not let you down.

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Very good question. We will create a demo where you can check all the changes made. Only after complete approval, confirmation and clearance of funds we will transfer the newly customized website onto your hosting environment.
Data safety: There are several ways to have this approached. Either you give us full access to your hosting environment OR provide us with a working copy / clone that we can work on. Either way, a maximum level of data-safety is ensured and guaranteed as you are working with business and security professionals.

Timeframe: This really depends on the level of the task or difficulty and is calculated individually in each case. Customizations can take minutes onto days. We highly recommend that you fill out the related form so that we can evaluate your business needs and provide you with solutions that matter for your business.
Yes absolutely. Not only do we invite you to sign a non discosure & privacy agreement with us but we also wipe each login or permission that you grant us for performing our tasks from our system within 24h of completion. Nevertheless we still always recommend a change of password once our work is done.

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