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At Sierra IT Group, we understand the value the cloud can bring to your business. That’s why we’re pleased to announce our managed cloud hosting services: a redefined platform that fits your business and not the other way around. From small business websites to secure ecommerce hosting, to cloud web applications hosting- we've got all your hosting needs covered!

We offer a variety of managed hosting solutions ranging from scalable VPS hosting packages, to multi-server enterprise dedicated server deployments, CDN's and everything in between. Whether you’re looking for a small virtual reseller hosting environment, or a fully dedicated server for hosting your SaaS applications, we can provide managed solutions to make your project a success. All of our hosting packages include upon choice: Linux / Ubuntu, Nginx or Apache, MySQL or MariaDB and PHP 7+ and more! Additionally we offer online web Backup solutions and support of our 24/7/365 experts to assist with troubleshooting, monitoring, and more.

Unlock more power with managed Cloud Hosting

We become your true partner and offer services to plan and manage your business cloud for success!

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Ecommerce Hosting

We maintain and improve the availability, performance & security of your ecommerce site with dedication that offers you peace of mind.

Scalable on Demand

Our scalable cloud hosting solutions help organizations small or large to turn big ideas into powerful brands and applications.

SaaS & Web Application Hosting

Create and deploy web applications that scale with your business and host them on our on a highly-secure and powerful cloud platform.

Website Hosting

Wheter you have a small website or are a large corporation, we offer high performance hosting solutions of any type and size.

Fast Performance

Our solutions use super-fast SSDs. With no moving parts, SSD Hard Disks provide high performance and significantly increased reliability.

Managed Cloud

With a our fully managed server you can rest assured knowing that we keep everything running smoothly for you around the clock.

Managed Cloud Hosting Bangkok

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Yes. It can be upgraded or downgraded in just a couple of minutes. If you operate a site which has large fluctuations in traffic such as a seasonal e-commerce store which spends half the year busy and the other quiet then our cloud is perfect as it allows you to purchase resources only when you need them, and scale back and save money when you don't, all without the extended downtimes of traditional server upgrades/downgrades.
Included as standard we take a weekly snapshot of your server disk. These snapshots allow you to roll back your cloud server to a previous state at any time. For higher backup demands we recommend taking to us directly.
Yes absolutely. We provide free site migration. The first step is to sign up in our site and create a server. Then submit a ticket for your server details.
Absolutely not. For strategic reasons and traffic related limitations we exclusively offer our managed cloud hosting solutions at our Singapore Datacenter. Note however that we also have Datacenter locations in the US & Europe.

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