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At Sierra IT Group we develop, design and build beautiful and efficient Magento ecommerce solutions for retailers & businesses of any kind. Through years of experience, we offer quality insight and technology that simplifies & enriches the entire shopping process for you and your visitors. We build Magento shopping experiences that are interactive, exciting, engaging - and that convert.

From the original beta launch of Magento onto the latest version of Magento 2, we have extended the platform by enhancing both performance as well as user experience. Our knowledge and experience of Magento ecommerce is exceptional. At Sierra IT Group we offer Magento development solutions that are smarter, faster and more insightful than other competitors, based on our extensive experience of Magento and the success of our existing clients.

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Magento Web Design

We deliver amazing user experiences & interactive environments with focus on conversion, engagement and consumer satisfaction.

Magento Development

We are Magento Experts, building dynamic Magento driven ecommerce solutions that are fast, robust, secure and resilient.

Magento Hosting

We understand the importance of secure and reliable hosting and offer optmized Magento level hosting solutions.

Magento Integrations

We’ve built a strong reputation for our technical skill, from 3rd party extensions to custom integrations with CRM, ERP and other fulfilment solutions.

Magento SEO

We specialise in Magento ecommerce SEO, ensuring marketplace visibility and strong organic ranking through onsite and offsite SEO.

Magento Support

We provide dedicated Magento support with 365 days, 24/7 critical issue recovery, uptime, security & performance monitoring.

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Sadly this is a story we hear very often. Magento solutions can be very powerful to handle, and while it was developed with the end user in mind, it still requires someone that has a solid technical background to make sure you can fully take advantage of all that it has to offer. Nobody wants to be sloppy seconds, but we’re happy to be your rebound developers in order to get your site back on track.
Magento is an open-source solution and the community edition is absolutely free. With large-scale hacking incidents in the news and the risk of having your identity stolen seemingly around every corner of the internet, security is at the top of every store owner’s list. Luckily, Magento meets PCI Compliance standards to keep your customers’ data safe
We encounter many clients that already have an exisitng ecommerce website that has been developed by another agency, which however performs very poorly in terms Of speed. We would encourage you to contact us directly or to check out our Website Speed Optimization Services.

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