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Sierra IT Group is your trusted business technology partner that specializes in removing everyday IT headaches that have a negative impact your business by providing IT consultancy, expert guidance, enhancements to your IT infrasturcture and technical assistance.

Every business is different and therefore faces unique challenges and questions when it comes to IT infrastructure and Digital Transformation. What’s the best way to protect against a major data loss? Do we have any potential security leaks? Do you still our own "in-house" file-server, or should you be thinking about switching to the Cloud, with the many advantages it can offer?

For some businesses, the answers to these questions can be quite complex – for others, they might be solved in a single phone call. As a Bangkok based IT consulting company we are well-equipped to advise on any of your concerns or requirements, working with you to propose solutions that are in close alignment with your business and company goals.

Our distinctive Business IT Consulting Solutions

We become your true partner and offer end to end services to plan, implement and operate your Ecommerce business for success

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Cloud Solutions

Our Cloud solutions transform companies by removing the need for expensive in-house hardware and providing access to secure and resilient online services.

IT Security

Our priority is to protect your system from cyber attacks and keep your valuable data safe and secured. We therefore offer advanced IT security solutions.

Network Management

We can cover all common technical support and maintenance tasks as well as business-driven changes in your existing data centre infrastructure.

Online Backups

Having your own data backup solution is crucial as it will not only give you peace of mind but also save you time and money to rebuild your data from scratch.

Support Packages

Available at various levels at Sierra IT Group we offer dedicated, proactive and managed support packages to eliminate your company technical worries.

Project Management

From simple refreshments to design and implementation we are a true partner that offer end to end service solutions to fully cover your upcoming or ongoing IT projects.

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Sierra IT Group will serve as your single point of contact for all your IT requirements, instituting a culture of accountability for all things IT. Remote monitoring of system logs and critical services allow us to proactively identify potential issues with servers that may cause downtime. And our simplified contract structure makes it easy for you to budget your IT costs and focus on your core business functions. Our experts can provide an in-depth assessment of your organization’s needs and then guide you through any deployment, project, upgrade, or other business need.
This depends on the project and the expertise required. In general and for most standard requests, we can consult you and initiate your project almost immediately.
We work with each client to establish specific expectations.

Feel free to get in touch with any enquiries or questions and we will get back to you as soon as possible !

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