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Laravel is a simple, clean but very effective PHP web development framework that allows us to build future-proof, robust, scalable and customized web applications for our Clients. According to Google Trends, Laravel has been gathering momentum over the past few years overtaking its main competitors including CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Zend Framework and Yii in popularity.

With our expertise, Sierra IT Group can help to unleash the true power of Laravel: from full-stack applications to web pages that are made great with the elegance. From web portals with dynamic information or a third-party API integration that connects with outside applications to request data, we can make your Laravel project stand out from the others.

Laravel Web Development Solutions

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Laravel RESTful API

Want to extend the reach of your applications beyond web browsers and into mobile applications and connected devices? Our Laravel developers can make that happen with their command over Laravel API development.

Laravel Web Applications

For out of box ideas that cannot built with conventional technologies, you need something more robust, flexible and also scalable. Laravel is our answer to all your custom web application development requirements.

Laravel e-commerce

Building a custom online store that can handle large influx of traffic, complex customer journeys and eCommerce transactions it not an easy task. Our Laravel e-commerce web development services will make it easy for you.

Laravel Migrations

Are you stuck with a web framework that is slowing you down or not helping with productivity? At Sierra IT Group we will help you migrate from any web existing framework to Laravel from without breaking into a sweat or your budget.

Laravel CMS Development

Take control of your Laravel website or application with a neatly build CMS. Add and modify content quickly, set up controls for authentications, enable push notifications and do much more with our Laravel CMS development.

Laravel Maitenance

Being stuck is a feeling that we don’t like either. With our 24*7 maintenance and support services, you will never be lost for assistance. We are always reachable through phone, email or through a comprehensive ticketing system.

Laravel API System Development in Bangkok, Thailand

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A web application runs in a web browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox etc. and does not need to be physically installed on a computer. The application is hosted and run from a dedicated web server,t he only requirement is a computer or mobile device with Internet access. A web application typically interacts with users and businesses, requesting and responding to their particular needs and requirements. Typical examples of web applications portals, industry and business solutions, CRM and ERP system, office / administrative automations, booking and reservation systems etc.
Yes absolutely. We can further customize, modify, enrich and optimize your existing Laravel web application.Contact us directly for more details.
Absolutely secure. Sierra IT Group takes security very serious and we provide great security features not only on server level but also on the web application itself such as the ability to set security and clearance level permissions to manage which users are able to see specific data, forms and workflow steps.
We understand the importance of sensitive information shared by you. At Sierra IT Group Co., Ltd. we are Business Professionals that work absolutely discreet and with full transparency, we are therefore available to sign a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) before you begin sharing any information with us.
Once the development of your Laravel project has been confirmed, completed and all outstanding funds cleared we will transfer the rights to the source code and all related files to you. You own the complete rights of the developed solution.

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