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Top Reasons to switch to Magento 2

May 27, 2018 . Magento 2, E-commerce

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For online retailers using Magento 1.x as their primary online store and ecommerce platform the main question is wheter or not they should be moving over or migrate to Magento 2. While Magento 2 carries a multitude of new features it is very important to understand that any existing ecommerce website is essentially going to be a re-build, as Magento 2.x is very different to Magento 1.x, meaning any custom work completed on your current Magento 1.x site will need to be re-done for the new store.

What are the benefits of moving to Magento 2?

Improved performance

Magento 2 officially supports latest PHP 7.x versions. These versions are not only more secure but also feature improvements that drastically impact overall speed. Besides that, Magento 2 includes options that now include the ability to use Varnish Cache, so you won’t have to rely or install third party modules for it.

Optimized images

Magento 2 uses minified and combined JavaScript options as well as advanced image compression too. It’s now possible to optimize images directly on the server using built in tools - a task that previously had to be done manually if using Magento 1.

Better SEO

Magento SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the key factors for any online store. While Magento 1.X had several flaws when it comes to SEO, many of them seem to have been considered and improved while developing Magento 2.

Improved indexing

Indexing is the way the Magento system transforms merchant data, such as prices, users and stores, by creating index tables and keeping them updated to boost the query speed and improve the performance of the online store. The new default indexers in Magento 2 include all of the functionality from before, but the difference is that they come with more efficient updates and have been improved to speed up the query performance.

Mobile Friendly & Responsive

Magento 1 was often said to be difficult to manage on mobile devices and today, that’s not good enough. Thanks to a new and improved interface, managing your Magento store on a mobile device is super easy. Besides the obvious benefits for customers, it also provides a much better look and feel on mobile and tablet devices, making shopping mobile on Magento 2 easier, faster and more appealing altogether.

When and why should I be looking to migrate to Magento 2?

The most important reason you should switch to Magento 2 is Magento 1.x will stop getting any support by the end of 2018. So it would be tough to be on this platform where you will not have any guidance on issues if problem occurs. In such case, Magento 2 migration is the only option. Magento 2 has become core focus even for the Magento team so everything from feature upgrades to performance optimization will revolve around Magento 2. At Sierra IT Group Co., Ltd. we provide expert Magento 2 Migration and upgrade service, Magento 2 development, Magento 2 Hosting solutions and customization service. For more information please contact us directly.

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