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POS System for Nail and Beauty Salons in Bangkok Thailand

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Welcome to proPOS, the most flexible and intuitive, cloud-based POS (Point of Sales) system in Thailand designed for the Beauty Salon Industry. After listening to the requests of our customers and years of experience, we have designed and developed proPOS, a POS system that meets the needs of both, small or large establishments. Each installation is fully customized, resembling your Company Identity and including your colors and logo.

POS System for your Beauty & Nail Salon

proPOS frees you from the restraints of bulky hardware and local installations. Whereas traditional systems hold all your information in an actual computer or POS device (which will eventually break, be damaged.. or stolen), our cloud-based POS system operates from a central server over real-time internet network communication. This means that information is always available, secured, up to date and retrievable at any time of the day.

Being cloud-based and featuring the latest in web-technology proPOS works on any device, this allows log-in and access to your POS and crucial data from any Desktop, Mac, iPad Tablet, Android Phone or Smartphone device.

Thai Nail & Beauty Salon POS System

POS (Point of Sales) features that impress

Our ultra fast & intuitive interface with powerful back office will help you to scale your business fast

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Access Control

Avoid confusion, system abuse or possible mismanagement by setting up distincive access levels for Waiters, Cashiers, and Managers.

iPad, iOS & Android

Access your POS data anytime & from anywhere. proPOS works on any smart device, from iPad & iOS to Android, Notebooks, and Desktops.

Live updates

Live updates will make your venues more efficient and will result in less time managing your ongoing or upcoming queues.

Table Management

Replicate your restaurant floor plan on your POS for increased efficiency. Assign orders to seats to make meal distribution effortless.

Inventory Warning

Keep your operations running smoothly without any interruptions and receive warnings as soon as any of your inventory items is low.

Reports & Statistics

Built-in Statistics give you quick insights into your venues with daily, monthly, weekly or custom reports giving you a complete overview.

Always on

Always-On technology keeps your store and business running smoothly and without interruption in the event of the internet cut out.

Secure Cloud POS

You no longer need a back office server to store your valuable data. proPOS is 100% secure and backed-up online cloud stores it for you.

Centralized POS

Manage and monitor your whole business, including all your branches, through a central POS management administration panel.

The web based, iPad & Android POS system that is tailored for your Salon

Access your data on the go: See the latest figures, inventory levels and even staff performance. Generate reports by product, store, or day of the week to work out where the opportunities lie and where you can improve. posPRO is the essential POS system for your Business.

  • proPOS is widely used in:

  • Cafe & Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Nail Salons
  • Beauty Services
  • Pub & Nightclubs
  • Catering & Events
  • .. and more!

Thailand Bangkok Nail & Beauty Salon Point of Sales System

POS Customer Management with ease & efficiency

More POS features that can help your Store

Multi-branch POS

Having multiple locations? proPOS has multi-branch capabilities, making it easy to access the system from different locations.

Multi-language POS

We have developed proPOS with multi-language capabilities (incl. Thai) & localization, so your staff can use it in their desired language.

Offline Mode

The latest in web-technology allows proPOS to take orders even offline. Orders taken will be synced to the main system once back online.

Custom Receipts

For every Point of Sale installation we will fully customize your bills, orders and receipts with your logo, address and related details.

Local POS Support

Our local support team is based directly in Bangkok / Thailand is always available to help you 24h a day via in Thai & English.

POS Customization

Need any particular new functions? No problem! At Sierra IT Group we are available to further customize proPOS to best suit your needs!

POS Point of Sales System Thailand

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Tablet Nail Salon Point of Sale POS Software

Nail & Beauty Salon Point of Sales System Reviews

Trusted by Salons in Thailand and Worldwide

proPOS Point of sales for Nail & Beauty Salons is very intuitive and super easy to use. Additionally and free of charge we also provide full training to get you started - besides that it is available in Both Thai and English language.
No! proPOS is fully cloud based and works on any device's web browser and stores all the information in our top-level security private cloud servers. So Mac or PC, iPad or Andriod tablet, iPhone or Samsung; proPOS runs on everything.
All our servers are stored in secure facilities and are monitored 24/7. We use 256 bit SSL encryption to secure the connection between the user and our servers. Currently we run multiple database servers in our primary and secondary facilities which synchronize continuously. These servers are also backed up nightly to separate backup servers in two facilities. Security is at the Heart of Sierra IT Group and Business continuance is a requirement for our clients, therefore data management is of the utmost importance. In other words, the information stored within your installation of proPOS has a higher level of security than a majorit of other services online.
proPOS can accommodate any type of requirements, from a one-person coffee shop operation onto larger chains. We can customize each installation individually and create or optimize features to suit your particular needs.
proPOS is designed to work on any device without the need of bulky Hardware, however we are able to provide POS Hardware in Bangkok & Thailand such as touch screens, barcode scanners and wireless POS bluetooth thermal receipt printers through our partner network.

Feel free to get in touch with any enquiries or questions and we will get back to you as soon as possible !

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